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Peru’s Beca 18 program launches in December

October 13
12:39 2011

LIMA – Salomón Lerner, president of the ministers’ advisory, announced in a press conference at the Government Palace Wednesday evening that the Programa Beca 18 (bursary 18 program) will be launched on December 1, 2011.

by Carolina Leseigneur

This Education Ministry initiative will allow 18 year olds to receive study bursaries through an application process and a series of evaluations.

The Beca 18 and Pensión 65 programs were announced by the president of the ministers' advisory this week. Photo: Government of Peru.

The program for 2012 is being funded by 135 million Peruvian soles, and it is expected to benefit 5,000 youths in its first year.

The bursary program includes funds to cover admission and tuition fees, study materials, medical attention, food, housing and basic transport.

Bright young Peruvians with a dream of studying but with few financial resources will be able to apply to this bursary program to continue their studies at universities or at technical institutes.

On a different note, the ministerial cabinet leader announced that, in November, the Programa Pensión 65 (pension 65 program) will be launched together with the joint amplification.

The pension program was promised by president Humala during his presidency campaign. It aims to provide Peruvians over 65 years of age in a poverty situation and who receive no benefit from the state to receive a monthly allowance.

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