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Justin Bieber in Peru, and a double

October 18
13:33 2011

Justin Bieber arrived yesterday evening in Lima, Peru, despite death threats and his fans pleading him to stay away for his own safety. All went well for the Canadian idol, drawing over 25 thousand fans to the concert at the Estadio Nacional.

by Carolina Leseigneur

The singer gave a spectacular show and fulfilled his Peruvian fans’ dreams of seeing him live.

Justin Bieber's concert in Lima on Oct. 17 was a hit with his "Beliebers". Photo: Philip Nelson via Flickr.

The most emotive moment occurred when Bieber walked out on stage with the Peruvian flag.

He greeted the crowd in Spanish, “How are you Lima? Welcome to my world.

Bieber also got to meet his Peruvian double – the Peruvian JB, Alejandro Avilez Kamp. The 16-year-old Peruvian looks just like the singing sensation and has over 100 thousand fans on Facebook.

But this meeting was apparently bitter-sweet, as the Peruvian JB says he and his family were not well treated by the production team. He further stated on his Facebook page that he found Justin Bieber to be “arrogant“. He announced that he will no longer imitate the young singer.

Despite that, Bieber got an exceptionally loud approval from the crowd after singing the praises of the beauty of the Peruvian girls. He stated that of all of Latin America, he thought that the Peruvian’s were the most beautiful.

This was topped by his rendering of his popular song One less lonely girl, serenading a stunned “Belieber” girl, as his fans have come to be known.


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Carolina Leseigneur

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