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Dynacor: gold processing plant to be built in Peru

October 24
14:45 2011

MONTREAL, CANADA – Dynacor Gold Mines Inc. announced Monday that it will build a second gold ore processing plant in Peru.

This will be the second plant built by the company and will be situated on the Pan American Highway south of Nazca.

Dynacor will build its second gold ore processing plant in Peru. Photo: Dynacor company website.

The company stated that it has stipulated a budget of $4.5 million to build the facility.

The plant will be built to process 300 tonnes of gold ore per day. the design however will allow for capacity to be upgraded to 430 tonnes per day. This should yield about 60 thousand ounces of gold per day when the plant becomes operational.

Dynacor purchased land directly from the Peruvian government and plans to start construction in early 2012, pending approval of environmental permits.

The processing plant is being designed with the know-how acquired over 12 years from the operating Acari gold ore processing plant.

Demand for gold/silver and copper ore processing is continually growing in Peru since there are more than 50,000 artisanal small and medium scale miners in a country that is the 6th largest gold producer in the world. The new location will support the accessibility of larger long-haul trucks to deliver greater tonnages of ore easily from all over Peru via the Pan American Highway.

Furthermore, the new plant will be hooked up to the Peruvian national energy grid which will save the company a considerable amount of cost, as well as decreasing the plant’s carbon footprint.

Dynacor is a gold exploration and mining company active in Peru. Assets include six exploration properties and an existing 200 tonne per day gold ore processing plant in southern Peru. The company purchases gold ore from small- and medium-sized miners from all over Peru and sells the gold on the world market.

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