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Trevali completes downhole geophysical survey on Magistral Deposits, Santander Mine Project in Peru

October 25
14:00 2011

VANCOUVER, CANADA – Trevali Mining Corporation (“Trevali” or the “Company”) is pleased to announce the results of an in-hole geophysical survey (DownHole ElectroMagnetics – DHEM) designed to image and target the geophysical responses from the Magistral deposits at depth and along-strike.

The Magistral Deposits could yield high grade silver in Peru. Photo: Trevali Mining Corporation website.

Results of the survey conducted by Val D’Or Geophysics are interpreted to reflect the presence of a large mineralized body extending approximately 500 meters from known mineralization in the Magistral Deposits including drill hole SAN-173 which intercepted high-grade silver-lead-zinc mineralization at approximately 450 meters below the Magistral North deposit at 750 meters vertical depth.

Six drill-holes were surveyed for a total of 7,914 meters using a 21-channel Crone EM Transmitter/Receiver unit with readings collected every 10 meters.

Petrophysical modeling – that is the measurement of the geophysical properties and characteristics of representative geological units and known mineralization (magnetic susceptibility, electromagnetic conductivity, galvanic resistivity and chargeability) – was also measured to aid in subsequent modeling and interpretation.

The DHEM results display a strong correlation (direct relation) with mineralization (pyrrhotite gangue) within which significant quantities of zinc-lead and silver mineralization occur in the defined Magistral deposits.

The geophysical response (EM) in the three deepest Magistral holes drilled to date (SAN-0170, 0173 and 0174) is constant and suggests the presence of a large geophysical conductor at depth and extending from and to the south-east for approximately 500 meters. The core of geophysical anomaly as presently defined is centred to the south of Magistral North and below the Magistral Central and South deposits suggesting that mineralization may merge at depth.

It should be noted that the geophysical anomaly remains open – the size of the anomaly and the distance it can be imaged or ‘seen’ is a limitation of the geophysical method – simply the amount of power available to charge the conductive body.

While the presence of a large geophysical anomaly spatially associated with known mineralization is encouraging the Company strongly cautions that the anomaly requires drill testing and geochemical analysis of any results in order to confirm whether significant mineralization may be present – no value may be assigned to the anomaly at this juncture in time – that is it remains an early stage exploration target.

Two exploration holes are currently targeting the anomaly at approximately 600-700 meters vertical depth and contingent on results additional drilling and geophysical surveying may be required going forward.

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