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Stories On Peru: Faith pilgrimage in the south of Peru on November 21

November 16
12:00 2011

November 21 is a day full of religious activity in Ica as it marks the day of pilgrimage to the Luisa de la Torre Rojas Sanctuary, better known as the Beatita de Humay.

The small village of Humay is situated in the province of Pisco. It is transformed into a catholic devotion center as it becomes filled with  pilgrims and visitors from all over the country.

Thousands of catholic pilgrims will head to Ica and Humay on November 21 to pay tribute to the Beatita de Humay. Photo: Beatita de Humay website.

Many come to express their appreciation for a favor or miracle.

The Beatita de Humay ‘started’ in 1819 when the couple of Agustín de la Torre and doña Isabel Rojas, Spaniards who were living in Humay, became the parents of twins, Carmen and Luisa Torre Rojas.

The girls were orphaned two years later. They lived in the house in Humay and paid tribute to Jesus and the Virgin Mary of Guadalupe in their own chapel. They helped people who came in search of spiritual or medical healing.

They became famous for healing, particularly Luisa. Her healing was considered miraculous and she was considered a saint by many of the local people and people who came from all over the country.

She died on November 21, 1869, and her remains are at the San Pedro de Humay church, where many pilgrims now go each year.

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