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“Alien” remains unearthed at Andahuaylillas, Peru – anthropologist

November 18
11:36 2011

CUSCO – Anthropologist Renato Dávila Riquelme announced that a mummy has been discovered in Andahuaylillas that is “not human”.

An anthropologist has announced the discovery of a mummy with a triangular head that is "not human". Several elongated skulls have been discovered in Peru. Photo: Skulls at the Museo Nacional de Arqueología Antropología e Historia del Perú via Wikimedia Commons.

Riquelme, of the Private Andean Rituals Museum in Andahuaylillas, Quispicanchi province, Cusco, gave details of the discovery to RPP news, saying that the mummy had a height of 50 centimeters, a triangular head with the front open (a characteristic only seen in children less than a year old), very large eye orbits and molars not common to humans.

Riquelme said that the mummy does not have a human appearance because of the large triangular head. He further commented that at first they thought it could be the remains of a child, but Spanish and Russian medical practitioners who inspected the remains have confirmed that it is effectively extraterrestrial.

The frontal skull divide is not a characteristic of any ethnic group known in the world.

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Carolina Leseigneur

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Christaeon says:

Who are these Spanish and Russian medical practitioners? Where the hell did they get their qualifications?! Bogus, Hoax!

ac says:

Thank you for putting the word alien in quotes. It seems a little premature (to say the least) to call it an alien instead of a weirdo monkey or deformed human.