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Cable car viability for Choquequirao in Peru confirmed

November 25
16:38 2011

ABANCAY -A French expert confirmed on Thursday the viability of building a cable car from the Kiuñalla look out point in the province of Abancay, Apurímac, to the Inca archaeological complex of Choquequirao in Cusco.

A cable car is being planned from Abancay to reach the Choquequirao archaeological complex in Cusco. Photo: Wikimedia Commons.

According to Apurímac’s regional government, French engineer Jacques Beharel, from the Poma de Francia firm, covered the terrain where the proposed cable car would be built. He stated that it is “technically feasible”.

After a preliminary engineering study is conducted, they will define exactly which cable car apparatus could be employed at the site.

The area is relatively inaccessible, and will require a lot of work to build roads and other access points.

He said that building the cable car could take around 15 months. If the number of tourists coming to see the Choquequirao complex is increased, it will make it a very lucrative project.

The initiative is a inter-institutional cooperation agreement between the regional presidents of Apurímac and Cusco, who want to increase tourism in the area through this joint project, by improving and facilitating access to the Apurímac canyon circuit, the deepest in the world, to Choquequirao.

The cable car will cover 2 kilometers in length in a straight line 3,600 meters above sea level. A trip will take half an hour, with sites to the deep canyon below.

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