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The Ultimate Peru List: Dating in Peru

The Ultimate Peru List: Dating in Peru
November 29
12:00 2011

Many people who come to Peru end up falling for a local. With the lovely weather, long walks on the beach and romantic sunsets, the scene is certainly inviting to go on a date.

Most Peruvians are quite easy-going and fun to date. But a few words of warning for the wandering heart – be careful. Unfortunately, due to the fact that Peru is a  developing country and most people are on the lower economic end, some Peruvians are busca-gringos and busca-gringas. In other words, they are looking for a foreigner just to get a ticket and visa out of Peru.

There is also the occasional scam foreigners must be aware of, where some Peruvians look on foreigners simply as a conquest or as someone to rob.

conure love The Ultimate Peru List: Dating in Peru

Dating in Peru can be a fun adventure. Photo: Conures via

These however are the exception and should not deter you from venturing out to find your Peruano/Peruana if your heart is so inclined.

There are also many foreigners living in Peru, especially in the big cities. It is possible to meet someone from your home country or somewhere else entirely.

Should you find yourself in a meaningful relationship with a Peruvian, there are some interesting cultural differences that come into play. Some are fun and entertaining while others are challenging – from eating habits to a general perception of things.

For example, many Peruvians live with family well into their thirties, so many couples in long-term relationships seek privacy in hotels. There is no stigma about this in the country.

Dating in Peru can be a lot of fun and an interesting adventure – I married a Peruvian. So good luck and be safe!

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