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Explosives and fireworks seized in Lima raid

December 09
11:04 2011

LIMA – Around 20 tons of explosives and 800 kilograms of illegal pyrotechnics  were seized from various operators in Lima on Thursday, according to UDEX.

Peru's nationla police seized 20 tons of explosives and 800 kg of fireworks in a raid this week. Photo:

Dynamite, detonators and other explosives were found during an early morning operation in Lima’s northern district of San Martín de Porres, after leads from the police intelligence unit.

Gustavo Medina, head of the Explosives Deactivation Unit (UDEX), told El Peruano that lots of the explosives were destined for mining companies from legal explosives factories. The transport of these explosives was intervened by illegal dealers.

Drivers would stop at non-authorized points to unload the explosives. One of these stops was the mechanic workshop on Avenida Alfredo Mendiola. Representatives from Dicscamec, Peru’s national police and Peru’s justice system participated in the early morning raid which started at the workshop.

Most of the stolen explosives would have been delivered to informal and illegal miners.

The pyrotechnics were seized in two operations, in Ate and El Agustino. Fireworks from commercial industries and home-made fireworks were seized. Two people were detained.

Illegal home-made fireworks are of special concern as they are faulty and often land in the hands of minors.

This is a major victory for Peru’s national police. The police is actively campaigning to eradicate illegal fireworks in the country.

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